Bego Bellavest SH Casting Investment

Shock heat – rapidly or conventionally heatable precision casting investment material for crowns and bridges – also those made from pressable or press-to-metal ceramics

A universal, shock or conventional heating, precise casting investment for crowns and bridges, also appropriate for pressable or press-on ceramics

  • The precision crown and bridge investment material Bellavest SH offers outstanding versatility and flexibility
  • Appointments can be coordinated with ease because Bellavest SH can either be preheated rapidly, with an insertion temperature of up to 900 °C, or conventionally
  • Phosphate-bonded precision casting investment material offers reliable, simple handling along with optimal parameters of use
  • Simple to use with the special mixing liquid BegoSol HE for maximum flexibility in conjunction with just a single liquid
  • Precise expansion control and fine, creamy consistency for reli- able processing and reproducible quality for a range of indications, from pressable ceramics to telescopic crowns made from non-precious alloys
  • Long working time of 5 minutes enables reliable, fatigue-free working
  • Extremely smooth cast surfaces make for a good accuracy of fit and time savings due to minimal finishing times
  • Cures with a high edge-strength, yet still permits easy deflasking. This implies time savings and economical usage of blasting materials for the user (Korox, REF 46014)

Speed direct at 900 °C or conventional

Bellavest SH is the ideal crown and bridge investment for dental technicians who want the  exibility of working either with conventional heating cycles or with the shock-heating technique. It can be used for restorations fabricated using precious metal, non-precious alloys or pressable/ press-on ceramics.

Easy processing and increased reliability

Bellavest SH has a very  ne grit size, excellent  owability and can be easily devested despite its high strength. It can be invested using the metal casting ring or ringless technique, e.g. with the BEGO Rapid Ringless system, or using the BeCe PRESS press-on ceramic technique with the SecuPress ring system. Bellavest SH should be mixed under vacuum using the special BegoSol HE mixing liquid. The working time is approx. 5 min at an ambient temperature of 20 °C, i.e. suf cient time for pouring several moulds.

Extremely precise and very smooth

Bellavest SH, a graphite-free, phosphate- bonded investment is recommended because of its outstanding accuracy of  t even with different applications.

  • Safe to use due to the controlled batch consistency
  • Flexible by enabling a free choice of the heating procedure; shock-heating or conventional heating offer the necessary  exibility for the daily work ow of the dental laboratory
  • Precise by enabling a perfect  t due to very smooth surfaces and clear expansion control
  • Economical due to the wide indication range as well as the use of only one single liquid

This Package Comes With: 

Bellavest SH - 100 x 100 g envelopes of Powder

Begosol HE - 1 Liter Bottle x 2

Powder Expiration Date - 08/31/2024

Liquid Expiration Date - 07/14/2024